Nepal Life Red Ring

700 SEK

Nepal Ruby Ring

Sterling silver rings and synthetic* ruby stones.
The silver is handmade in Nepal by an ethical and sustainable business called Maya Handicraft Jewelry.  
20kr from each purchase will also be donated to development projects in Nepal through the organisation Wild Heights.  

The size is 55 in circumference and 17,5 mm in diameter.
If you don't know your size I recommend you to measure a ring at home or ask a local jewellery store for help.

Since the rings are made in Nepal I cannot myself take responsibility for quality but the rings have been valued by a Swedish jewellery expert and the price is set from that. Handmade and totally unique.

You will find them here at the shop and at our Studio in Åre. For questions about the designs or the Nepal work, please contact us at

*Synthetic gemstones, in this case, does not mean plastic, it means that the stones have been produced in a laboratory. But they still consist of the same material and compounds as natural stones.