Statements for poets, dreamers & change makers. 

Free Spirit Shaking Soul is more than just a brand, its a way to act and a way of living. Free Spirit Shaking Soul is more like a movement for a fair and sustainable world and with roots in the mountains, we create symbolic and statement jewellery and other designs with respect and kindness towards people and the earth.

The jewellery comes in two different timeless collections:

Fjällfashion Collection - The Fjällfashion designs are made from nature’s finest sources and with recycled details we are bringing new life into pre-loved treasures. Each piece is one of a kind and represents all the values we stand for like, equality, fairness, and sustainability. These designs are made and have its background at out home place Åre in Sweden, that's where the Fjällfashion designs are made by hand. The collection is about keeping in natural, creating less waste, peace statements and the passion for keep on telling and rewrite the story connected to the vintage treasures.

Kraften Collection - Kraften means power or strength in Swedish and is the newest addition to the Free Spirit Shaking Soul shop. The jewellery is handmade and has its background in Nepal. With a colourful lifestyle in the Himalayas, these designs are handmade in an ethical and fair production run by Maya Handicraft Jewelry and Kira Store. Not only do you support sustainable and social business, but at Free Spirit Shaking Soul we also donate 10kr from each purchase of the Kraften collection to Wild Heights work in Nepal. It’s all about love, support an giving back.

Poster Art: Free Spirit Shaking Soul loves statements and creative ways of activism for a better world. Together with artist Christine Johanson, The Judicious Collection was made. The Judicious Collection is posters of collage artwork with global questions as a focus. It is limited designs and aims to raise awareness about some of the topics we think needs more attention.


Take your broken heart and turn it into art
To join the cause of slow- and sustainable fashion we're avoiding as much new produced as possible. The only regular new thing we work within the Fjällfashion designs is the earring hook - always nickel free and in sterling silver. Most of our details, gems, pearls, conchos etc are all preloved treasures. The preloved treasures are found on vintage & secondhand shops or deadstock from other businesses. Free Spirit Shaking Soul see beauty in old things and finds motivation in a change to keep on telling their story. All the leather used in our design in veg tanned reindeer leather waste from the northern parts of Sweden. All pieces In the Fjällfashion collection are locally handmade and designed in their studio in Åre, Sweden. A studio the brand shares together with other local entrepreneurs, designers and a photographer. 

It's like a unique peace sign.
Nature's finest sources could be mountain crystals from our local area and molted feather found on mountain adventures. The mountain crystals are raw and unchanged by us, they are hand picked by us and matched together with old bullets from the local shooting range. In our jewellery, you will also find waste stones from industries around the country and howlite stones in natural white, turquoise or black. 
We see our Bullet jewellery as a peace sign and a statement for ”less war - more art”, but we fully respect that the feeling of wearing a bullet as a jewellery cannot be comfortable for everyone and try to create as many alternatives as possible, but please contact us if you have any wishes or requests.

The history of the brand. 
The brand was created in fall 2012 by Anna Karlin & Nicole Modigh as an action to live, learn and inspire to a more sustainable society. Anna is today a brilliant graphic designer based in Stockholm while Nicole is keeping the adventure of Free Spirit Shaking Soul in Åre. Besides making jewellery Nicole has finished a bachelor in Environmental studies and sustainable development, and is also the founder of the NGO Wild Heights, who work with sustainable development projects in Nepal.

The mountains are calling - Free Spirit Shaking Soul
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